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At Elevating Others we specialize in the hardest skills…the human skills. Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Leadership and Development, Resilience, Communication, Executive Coaching and Independent Consulting are just a few of our offerings.

J. Scot Heathman


Certified EQ Instructor

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About Scot

J. Scot Heathman is an executive coach, speaker and leadership and development Jedi. As a retired Air Force Colonel and former instructor and combat pilot, Scot has over 25 years experience leading and commanding a variety of organizations, staffs and Air Force Installations from 3 to 36,000 people. Scot is best known for being a servant leader and an emotional intelligence expert who possesses a passion for elevating others.

Scot possesses numerous degrees, concentrations and certifications in organizational leadership, senior leader development, servant leadership, leading strategically, exponential thinking, and emotional intelligence. Scot is a widely respected and requested public speaker, who inspires others with his first-hand knowledge and experience as well as his personal story of resilience.

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Gone are the days of leadership when leaders would never show an ounce of weakness. Vulnerability used to be seen as a flaw, but it can actually be a superpower in the toolbox of anyone on their own hero journey. In this conversation, Colonel J. Scot Heathman, a retired Air Mobility Wing Commander, shares his love of Star Wars, skills he learned and developed in the Air Force, and the power of spreading positivity in leadership.

Scot is a highly decorated, retired Air Force Colonel with an incredible resume of past leadership roles, responsibilities, and combat tours. He fulfilled his childhood dreams of becoming a pilot/instructor in both the KC-135 & C-17 aircraft. Scot is a former commander of Scott Air Force Base and has held several key positions throughout his career. He is the owner/founder of “Elevating Others,” a professional coaching & consulting business focused on increasing personal & organizational skills.

Looking for a leadership development coach with over 25 years of experience leading cross-functional teams? Look no further than Scot Heathman, who will be joining me on the next episode of Healed. Not only is he an experienced coach, but he’s also a retired Air Force officer with extensive combat experience. So if you’re looking for someone who knows a thing or two about leadership, you won’t want to miss this episode.

J. Scot Heathman is the Owner and Founder at Elevating Others – A professional coaching business focused on creating the best conditions for creating the highest rate of personal and professional climb. He is an executive coach and servant leader who is a Jedi at growing emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders. Throughout his 25+ year Air Force career, Scot developed solid leadership, development and organizational skills and achieved numerous out-of-the-box results.

Col Heathman, Vice Commander at Fairchild Air Force Base, shares a message with the students, faculty and veteran’s attending the 2017 Veteran’s Day program at John Marshall High School, Rochester, MN

Thanking the gathered crowd, Col. Heathman talks about what his journey in the Air Force has meant, and what he hopes for the people who will come up through the ranks behind him”


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At Elevating Others I specialize in the hardest skills…the human skills.

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Scot possesses a broad educational background which includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and three Master’s Degrees from: Gonzaga University in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Servant Leadership studies; the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) program in Operational Art and Science; and from the Naval War College in National Security and Strategic Studies with a concentration in Senior Leader Development.

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At Elevating Others we specialize in the hardest skills…the human skills. Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Resilience, Organizational Dynamics, Relationship Management, and Coaching are just a few of our offerings.

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